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City Boots – Outdoor Training for Women

City Boots is an unpredictable, exciting, full-body workout for women who want to get fit the fun way. Join the team and get training outside, where the boredom of training indoors won't bog you down!

Based on high-intensity cardio movements that will cut fat and help build lean muscle, City Boots offers fitness for everyone! If you’re a seasoned gym bunny or you’re just looking to get the blood flowing, City Boots offers a non-judgemental environment that lets you choose your own pace. You only have to push yourself as far as you want to go.

Come by yourself or come with friends, City Boots looks forward to getting you into shape!


I have found City Boots to be a fun, challenging and effective way to lose weight, get fit and stay in shape.


I was a 43 year old couch potato who had never enjoyed exercise- thanks to an sms from a friend about boot camp, I decided it was time.